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Established private practice providing traditional bespoke medical services for individual patients, families and businesses.


Ensuring continuity, rapid access to co-ordinated care and medical services with close collaboration with London based specialists. Appointments are mostly by recommendation but new patients are considered.

Dr Harrar

harley street


Sandmere road

Bespoke Healthcare

Dr. Harrar has worked as a Primary Care Physician in the NHS based in Inner City London for over 15 years.


Jacqueline has worked as a medical PA in London for over 10 years and has a vast knowledge of locallly based specialists, services and facilitates the co-ordination of care for the patient. She prides herself in her ablilty to provide a seamless journey for the patient from the onset of their medical problem to resolution.

He Qualified from St George's Hospital Medical School and undertook his further training at hospitals affiliated to the medical school. He manages day to day medical problems, undertakes diagnoses and investigations. 

He Provides referrals to associated specialities based in Harley Street and at London Bridge Hospital.  

He is a member of the Royal College of GPs and has a BSc in Clinical Sciences. He has interest in Informatics and has an MSc in this field. He prides himself on prudence in bespoke healthcare for the individual.

Dr Harrar has a special interest in chronic disease management, high blood pressure and diabetes as well as weight management and lifestyle, exercise and fitness training information. He has undertaken training in Harley Street advanced facial aesthetics and provides this service here.  




We provide bespoke medical services, delivering holistic care to VIP individuals, families and corporate clients.


We beleive that traditional GP services with modern diagnostic capability and treatments are the cornerstone of healthcare delivery.


Whether you are looking for a personal house doctor, a second opinion or simply wanting some consolodation and co-ordination of your care we can tailor this for you.



  • Bespoke Health care

  • Co-ordination of complex co-morbitities

  • Diagnostic services

  • Personalised health assessment

  • Facial Aesthetics

  • Travel advice and vaccinations

  • Sexual health screening & advice 

  • Cervical smear testing 

  • HPV vaccinations

  • Visa Medicals

  • Weight Management

  • Lifestyle counselling

  • Fitness training

  • Wound management





  • ​​Children with minor illness 

  • Children's vaccinations

  • Children's health checks

  • Health promotion

  • 6 week health screens 

  • Developmental checks

  • Antenatal/Postnatal Care

  • Counselling






  • Executive health screens

  • Fast track pre employment or relocation medicals

  • Visa medicals

  • Driving medicals

  • Executive Health Care Plans

  • Alcohol and Drug testing



We specialize in several bespoke medical and lifestyle services including facial aesthetics, personal training and weight management. 


Please see the Lifestyle Services section for more information and contact details.

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