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Facial aesthetics

Facial aesthetics is the art of helping you improve and maintain you beauty and looks. This form of rejuvenation not only helps combat the external signs of ageing but can improve your self confidence and give you the impetus to make other lifestyle changes to improve your overall health and outlook. The subtle physical changes have the potential therefore enhance your psychological well being. 


A number of factors contribute to ageing such as the sun s rays, your hormones harsh environments and of course smoking. The ageing process is unstoppable making us lose skin elasticity and hylaronic acid which holds the water in the skin.


Skin fillers can give you a 'fresher' healthier look by adding hylaronic acid and encouraging new collagen formation. 

Anti wrinkle treatments also help maintain a youthful appearance by preventing the creases or wrinkles from appearing from contracted muscles.


These products combined with good skincare advice, personalised nutrition and a healthy lifestyle will help your skin look healthy longer

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Personal Training

Beata is a fully qualified Personal Trainer specialising in short duration high intensity cardio, full body exercise for optimum results, weights circuits and lots of core strength work for fab abs. She offers a Challenging Exercise Program and nutritional advise, and also gives you the support to achieve your health and fitness goals outside the session. Working with Beata, you’ll learn, repeat and master full body exercises in a fun and safe way at gym, your home place or outdoors. She will keep you motivated and moving: jumping, skipping, pushing, pulling, stepping, twisting, boxing – with a clever and fun mix of exercise sequences at different intensities. Beata is here to help you with any fitness goal, whether it is after pregnancy weight loss, toning, building lean muscles, increase strength, sport related exercises or general fitness improvement.



We can help you make a change, whether it be your physical body or your diet and lifestyle. Our personal training and weight management service work hand in hand to provide you with the results that you have always wanted to see.

Beata Korzeniowska


Weight managament

Losing weight is undeniably very difficult for most people. It requires a longterm approach with healthy eating regular exercise and above all motivation. 

Being overweight can have drastic health implications physically and psychologically!.

We offer a tailored discrete program in weight management working closely with doctors, dieticians and personal trainers. We can also offer initial assessments appropriate prescribed medication as per national guidelines and onward referral for consideration for surgical interventions.



To book an appointment or ask for advice regarding any of the three services listed above please click the button below to redirect you to our book an appointment page where your inquiry will be sent straight to us.

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